There is no doubt the COVID 19 crisis has impacted every business and every family; and the recovery will take us years to work though. As world citizens we must all do what we can to help our neighbors and communities recover. As business professionals we must also do what we can to help our organizations succeed to help bolster the economic recovery for our employees, our clients, and our country. As noted in a recent Forbes crisis article ‘… especially in times of crisis, strong leaders must project optimism and look for opportunities and possibilities.” To come out of this crisis leaders must “stay focused on what’s most essential, and identify opportunities that others miss—including questioning the fundamental ways they do business.”

Three potential opportunity areas our clients are re-evaluating as a result of the crisis include:

Improving Wireless Network Performance

The need to support remote workers and online consumer access is here to stay. With an unknown recovery period and potentially new waves of impact, having your business equipped with a secure, reliable network structure is critical. If your organization is not yet equipped with a high capacity structured cabling solution and WLAN for voice, video, data, wireless access and building security; you may be risking your business’ future. Can your business survive if employees and customers cannot access the information or facilities they need? Can your business recover from a network crash like the industry giants? Can you afford to keep paying the high costs to maintain out-dated legacy technology? Are your wired and wireless networks optimized to work together? These are the hard questions leaders need to ask themselves about their network.

Controlling Business Access & Security

As we move to reopen businesses ensuring the security and safety of our employees and consumers is paramount, and ensuring you also stay in line with ever evolving governmental directives on building capacity can be daunting tasks. Sure you can take rely on individual accountability and manual tracking efforts, but the cost and risks of these solutions are high. Making the investment in a reliable and flexible building security system that can controlled access and security can help you restart your business safely and adjust to future needs quickly. Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies you can use biometrics to ensure secure access, track visitors, and detect any intrusions. Now is the time to make sure your organization is positioned to best protect it’s employees, assets and information. Having

reliable experts like Telecom Innovations access you vulnerabilities and help you tighten your safety measures can make the difference in keeping your business open in the future.

Reducing Operations Costs

The economic impact of the COVID crisis has left no business untouched. As you build economic sustainment and recovery plans in this volatile business environment, it’s critical to look at every opportunity for potential cost reductions. Technology systems can be a key area for dramatic savings now and long-term cost reductions. Looking at simple changes like adopting intelligent LED lighting solutions can reduce your electricity bill by 80%. And, installing Passive Optical Networks (PONS) can reduce energy costs by 50% and eliminate the need to maintain legacy out-date. This may be the perfect time to migrate legacy systems and take advantage of low cost high-efficiency technologies that can provide ongoing costs saving for your business.

Our experts want our clients to survive and thrive in the future. They stay ahead of the technology advances, rely on over 150 years combined experience, and care deeply about our clients. We are here to work in partnership with you during these difficult times to help you sustain your business and make the necessary changes to weather this storm.

The COVID crisis is testing all of us in ways we’ve never expected. Working in partnership with our clients we hope to help you find as many silver lining opportunities as we can and to help you be better prepared for whatever comes next.