Let's Go Off
The Grid


Remote Asset Protection,
Off-Grid Resource Surveillance

Designed and built in Georgia, The RAPtOR stands apart as robust and solid. Research and development for the RAPtOR began in 2017, after Rockwell Surveil’s engineers and owners identified a need for reliable, well-built mobile surveillance units. 

The RAPtOR – Rockwell’s self-contained, rapidly deployed mobile surveillance unit from Telecom Innovations –  covers you where traditional fixed video systems cannot. The cloud-managed video platform provides secure, real-time monitoring without the need for external power or cables. Useful in a wide variety of scenarios, the mobile unit provides surveillance for public safety, crowd monitoring, crime prevention, asset monitoring and remote seasonal monitoring when and where you need it.


The trailer-based system comes equipped with solar panels, a 4G/LTE cellular modem, and video cameras. The RAPtOR is easily towable and fits into a standard parking space. Its photovoltaic (solar-power) system provides enough energy to power the entire unit and keep the batteries charged. A charge controller safely controls the flow of energy, seamlessly switching between solar and battery power as needed. The battery bank allows 24-hour operations and will keep the unit running for days –  even without sunshine.

Cloud Managed Video Platform

The Video Management System (VMS) offers alerts, secure and encrypted recordings and web viewings – all 100% cloud-managed. Based upon custom settings, the video system records locally and uploads on-demand for cloud storage and retrieval. While the video is stored locally, it is still securely accessed through the cloud via your web browser or mobile device. The VMS also manages the local video recorder, providing information about camera availability, system health and issuing alerts.

High Definition Network Cameras

The four-camera system features a wide range of smart functions, including intrusion detection, line crossing detection, face detection, and motion detection, which allows for key events and objects to be recorded for further forensic needs.

Exploring Features and Benefits

A woman-owned company and subsidiary of Telecom Innovations, Rockwell Surveil prides itself on the highest-quality of work, no matter where it takes us. Here are some features and benefits that set us apart.


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