Whether it’s part of business as usual or unexpected circumstances that are driving your need to provide surveillance protection for remote locations or exterior sites it’s important to know you don’t have to risk your people’s safety or your assets just because there is no access to power. Solar-powered mobile security technology now provides the solution you need come rain or shine.

Neither your facility nor your assets need to fall victim to opportunistic criminals who look for easy targets in environments where there is no power and as a result limited security surveillance. The mere presence of a mobile security system will act as a crime deterrent, while also reducing the overall cost for your site security.

And a mobile security system has many other uses including crowd monitoring, public safety surveillance across your site, and seasonal monitoring projects. With systems small enough to fit into a standard parking space when fully deployed, you can secure any location. Using a secure video management system, you can monitor your assets and receive alerts whenever there is an intrusion.

The peace of mind and protection provided by a mobile security system can be priceless, but not all systems are built the same. When selecting a mobile protection system be sure you are getting these key features:

The safety of your assets and your staff shouldn’t be limited by the availability of a power source. Telecom Innovations offers industry leading modular mobile surveillance systems that can be customized based on your needs and installed and operational in under 10 minutes. You can rest assured that our team will provide all the support you need to set-up and maintain your system.

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