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The Heart of Your Business

Data centers are often at the center of your operation. Ensuring their security, productivity and efficiency is crucial to your organization’s health. At Telecom Innovations, our data center services encompass all your organization needs to build, maintain and optimize a data center that keeps your business running smoothly.

Hold Aisle and Cold Aisle Containment

Maintaining acceptable intake temperatures for IT equipment has traditionally cost organizations a lot of time and money. But with the introduction of containment, energy savings have surpassed hundreds of millions of dollars (and significantly reduced the data centers’ carbon footprint). Our hot aisle and cold aisle containment solutions help businesses reduce energy usage while increasing the performance and longevity of the hardware.

Caged Suite Builds

Our Telecom Innovations team designs, builds and installs Caged Suite Builds, which are used to store cabinets in data centers.

Modular Wall Suite Builds

Also designed, built and installed by our team, Modular Wall Suite Builds are the amplified version of multiple-cabinet storage in data centers.

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Our team can help you decide which data center solution is right for your business based on the space, any obstructions and your budget.

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